CAM delivers world-class opportunities to world-class clients.

CAM delivers world-class opportunities to world-class clients.

Creative Artist is home to a diverse class of talent from around the globe. Founded in 1995 by creative director R. Knight as a means to represent the then burgeoning Nollywood industry. Mr. Knight himself a product of the City University of New York (CUNY), saw first hand the lack of intuitive representation in the United States for talent from Minority Creatives. After being told several times that his seminal novel “The New Imperialist” would not be read unless it was submitted by an agent, and with no agent willing to give an unknown young writer a chance, Knight launched his own agency, Creative Artist Management.

Rather than reject unknown and potentially great artists we developed the “CAM Client Courtship Program”.

Every artist who believes in themselves that if given an opportunity to audition for a role for a label, or production company but lacks an agent gets to be representated on the strength three submissions of their best work. To be considered for the CCP program,

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CAM at first focused on representing top Nollywood talent in the nascent distribution of Nigerian and Ghanaian films in the early nineties. Then it moved into IP sales where it dominated the field for over a decade. Intellectual Property sales have been made on behalf of such Nollywood luminaries as Teco Benson, recipient of the presidential medal of honor and best director AMA awards, 1989, Vivian Ejike, director and producer of Private Storm, Majid Michael, and Nonso Emekaekwe to mention just a few.

Today Creative has seen its business model reach into publishing and music representation. While making head way into sports talent, models and influencers, as well as actors, film directors, producers, editors and writers.
To get the best representation of your talent is to put you the artist in charge of what you do best, which is create art, while you leave the management of the resources of your art to us. All the while being accountable to you. This frees you up to concentrate in what you do best. It gives you the right to use the phrase “Talk to My Manager!” We at Creative belief that Amateurs Manage Themselves, Professionals Have Managers. Shoot for the stars and let an agent-manager from Creative steer you there. The galaxy is our home and destination!

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