Ikechukwu Onyeka

Movie Director


Onyeka is regarded as one of Nollywood’s most proficient movie directors. He in a very uncanny manner rarely seen in an industry like Nollywood, rose through the ranks in the course of acquiring on-field training. He started out as a property manager, then a production manager, and then a producer. During this time of quiet understudy, he worked under almost all the big names in directing and before long he acquired enough experience to work under these big names as an assistant director.

To his credit as a revered and respected producer/director are such blockbuster flicks like the Unforeseen, Eagle’s Bride, Slave To Lust, Warrior’s Heart, The Captain, Corporate Maid, Intimidation and many more. Onyeka also co-directed Reloaded and A Private Storm.

Onyeka, an astute apostle of perfection believes strongly that his best is yet to come and that Nollywood is yet to tap from the wealth of experience garnered over the years both in his long years of understudy and academics. The movie Brother’s Keeper that he shot on his return from the Colorado Film School is having a fantastic run at the cinemas as one of the longest running movies in a Nigerian cinema. He is also the CEO of Iykon Pictures Ltd, a Lagos based motion picture production company which produced record-breaking movies like Intimidation and Just in Case.


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