Iretimide Olubokun

Writer | Motivational and Public Speaker


Iretimide Olubokun is by the grace of God, the founder and the CEO of Doveheights Bookstore Online. She is also the Apostle of Royal Christian Church based in Abuja, Nigeria.


Published by Creative Artist Press
Entering His Glory: Your Spiritual Pathway To Shining

Entering His Glory, practicalizes the reality of the glory of the Lord, and undeniably explodes one’s destiny. It demonstrates the need to enter this glory and the immense benefits of basking in the Lord’s effulgence. Knowing the will and plan of God, discovering of self, ability to hear when spoken to, directions and guidelines from the Lord, and receiving revelation in the knowledge of Him, are all expounded. Those who have entered his glory, can enter hell, steal its fire and dominate like the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. This book will show you how.

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